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All carvers who have won one best of division or a total of five 1st place ribbons in the Intermediate Class competitions must advance to the Open Class. All carvings, including patterns and habitat are to be the carver’s original work.


Open to any carver by choice or who has progressed beyond the Novice Class by winning one Best of division or a total of five 1st place ribbons in the Novice class competitions carver who has won a 1st place ribbon in the Open Class Competitions cannot re-enter the intermediate Class


All entrants who do not meet the criteria specified for Open or Intermediate Class. Youths can enter in this category but must pay a registration fee same as an adult.


Limited to Youth Class carvers 16 years of age and under No Entry Fee



               Division 1 Wild Fowl

Category 1– Decorative wildfowl

Over ½ life size to include all ducks geese and loons

Category 2 – Miniature wildfowl

All birds must be half-life size or less with a maximum overall body size of eight inches (excluding tail and neck)

Category 2A – Champagne Wildfowl/Waterfowl

Category 3 – Decorative songbirds

Life size and mounted on a base. May be split into Sub-categories at the discretion of the judges and quantity of entries.

Category 4 – Non-Passerine Land and Upland game Birds

Category 5– Birds of prey

Over half life size

Category 6 – Decorative others

Over half life size .

To include sea bird, shore birds, Terns, Grebes, Coots, Gallinule & all other non-floating entries (flat bottom or full body)

Category 7 – Stylized

In natural or stained finish with or without burned detail. Carvings must represent a specific species & the carver is free to take artistic license. The carving may be painted or natural.

Category 8- Shore birds/Wading birds/Coastal seabirds


                  Division 2 General


Category 9– relief carving

Any subject

Category 10 – Wood Burning

Can be colored, tinted or natural on tree slice, plate etc. No Carving allowed

Category 11 – Animal or Aquatic Life

Category 12 – Realistic Human.

Category 13 – Stylized 

Any subject except wildfowl. In natural, stained or painted finish.

Category 14– Caricature or Novelty

Category 15 – Miscellaneous -canes, bark, chip etc…

Category 16 – Decorative Wood Working

 includes wood turning, scroll sawing, intarsia and Marquetry

Category 17 – Non-wood carving 

 antler, bone, stone  “NEW”

Categories 15, 16, 17 could be split into sub-categories at the discretion of the judges and quantity of entries.

                    Division 3 — Floating Competition

                          (All carvings to be floated)

Category 18– Decorative Puddle Ducks

Category 19 – Decorative Diving Ducks

Category 20 –< All others

                         Division 4 Floating Working Decoys

Category 21– Puddle Ducks

Category 22 – Diving Ducks

Category 23– All others

Division 4 will be floated, must self-right themselves, present a good working profile & be durable with no fragile bills or tails. They must have a keel with a provision for an anchor line. Combining blending and scratch painting is acceptable, but burning and fine texturing will be reason for disqualification. Bumps and humps will be allowed. Judging will be conducted from a minimum 20 feet away

Division 5 – Novice Bench Class (must have been carved with an instructor in a formal class)
Category 24– Wildfowl Bench Class – any style
Category 25 – General Bench Class – any style

Division 6 – Youth
Category 23 – Youth Class – Limited to youth class
carvers 16 years of age and under. No entry Fee

Regular Competition


Entry fees

1st carving                                                             $ 10.00

Each additional carving                                             $ 5.00

    1. Rosettes will be awarded for 1st, Ribbons will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd in each advertised category.
    2. Honorable mention ribbons will be awarded at the discretion of the Judges.

Prize awards

Best in each class in the four divisions

Open                                     $100.00 cash

Intermediate                          $75.00 Gift Certificate

Novice                                   $50.00 Gift Certificate



Purchase Competition 

Entry fees   $15.00

QWCA Sponsored Awards

1. Wildfowl – Blue Bird with suitable mount

1st          $500 plus a rosette

2nd          $75 plus a rosette

3rd           $50 plus a rosette

3. General carving – local fish species on suitable mount.
1st        $500 plus a rosette

2nd        $75 plus a rosette

3rd         $50 plus a rosette


Competition rules

1)    All wood carvings entered into the competition must be the work of the entrant and must have been carved and completed within the calendar year just prior to the show.

2)    If the carving is the work of two or more people , then all names must be on the registration and on place cards or references during the show

3)    All markings/logos etc. On the carving which identifies the carver must be covered at the time of entry or before by the carver. Relief carvings must be ready to be hanged with strong hooks loops or wires.

4)    Judges may reassign carvings to the categories they deem appropriate.

5)    In the absence of competition in any category the judges will award prize ribbons only as they deem the carving merit. Judges decisions are final.

6)    All competition entries shall remain on display in the competition area until 4:30 pm.

7)    The QWCA will not be responsible for loss or damage to the carvings entered in the competition, but every precaution will be taken to ensure the security and safety of the carvings.

8)    Any problems or complaints is to be filled in writing & signed and passed to the show chairman or QWCA President for review and decision

9)    In all classes and categories the judge’s decision will be final. Critiques may at the discretion of the judges , be available upon request

10)                 The judges or their immediate relatives will not be eligible to enter carvings in the competition


Purchase award rules

      1. Open to all carvers. Carving cannot be entered into any other competition class
      2. Carvers will only be allowed to enter one carving.
      3. Carving must be the original design & concept of the carver
      4. Money & ribbons are awarded to 1st 2nd 3rd places
      5. To assure the purchaser of a quality carving a first place may not be awarded ( at the discretion of the judges)
      6. Carvers will be granted permission to show a wining wildfowl entry at “the worlds in ocean city”




Champagne wildfowl

      1. Includes Ducks, geese, swans, loons, grebes &song birds
      2. Must fit within 3.5 inch or 90 mm circle
      3. Song birds must be on a suitable mount and no larger than 3.5”
      4. Groups of feathers may be defined (i.e/ tertials, scapulars, side pockets ,etc.)
      5. Texturing is allowed
      6. No restrictions on painting.

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  1. Graham John Wilkinson says:

    Will there be prize money for category 16 (Decorative wood working), or is the prize money only for the carving categories.

  2. Admin Admin says:

    All entries except bench class and youth are eligible.

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