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Quinte Woodcarvers Association Inc.



 President Earl Derry—

Secretary Allen Kuja   (613-399-3018)

Treasurer Lisa Thompson   (613-399-2484)


Bob Danahy (613-968-2934)

Stew Carter–  Membership

Ken Naunton — Advertising

Rita Carter — Social committee

Trudy Legacy — Ticket Sales

Craig Anderson –Table rentals

Dave Hatton show chairperson, Newsletter 613-969-9763

Past President Serge Moisan (613-478-5442)



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  1. Gary Graham says:

    I am a novice carver looking for some classes so that I can expand on my limited self taught skills. At present I do mainly caricature carving but would like to venture into relief carving as well. So if anyone can help in these as well as chip and other carving styles I would appreciate it very much, as I would like to try them all and find the best fit for me. Also are you accepting new members, and what is the fee for registration.


  2. Lyle Sutherland says:

    I have a complete set of tools for woodcarvers for sale. The set includes a Fordum drill, a burning kit, various bits, duck blanks, and even a vacuum for your dust! You can see pictures of it on Kijiji and all I’m asking is $175 for everything! I am downsizing and have no basement to continue this hobby. Let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing this package. Everything is in excellent working order!

  3. admin says:

    we are accepting new members .membership fee is $30 and fee for carving is $10 for the fall/winter(Sept- DEC and $10 for winter spring(Jan-April)our first day back carving is thursday sept 8 at 7 pm we will have people there that can help you expand on your skill set

  4. admin says:

    i will let people know when we start back carving in sept

  5. Pat says:

    What is the cost to get into the carving show

  6. admin says:

    there is no cost to get into the show but we would appreciate it if you buy a ticket for our door prizes wich cost $5 at the door

  7. Dave Ricci says:

    Is the 2018 Green Heron purchase award for a full size bird?

  8. admin says:

    yes it is a full size

  9. Alexander Perch says:

    To the Administration:
    I don’t know what moron printed out the cards for Division #2 Catagory #14 Decorative Woodworking and then put it in the 2019 winners on your web site. I entered three MARQUETRY pieces and 1st place was a MANCALA game box , 2nd place was ” IRISH MICKEY ” a marquetry picture and 3rd place was “WOLVES FC” a marquetry soccer logo . At least you got the 2019 winners photo correct!

  10. admin says:

    i got the order fixed im sorry it took so long to get back to you

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